ERC/Smart Business Workplace Practices Survey
Thank you for your interest in the 16th annual ERC/Smart Business Workplace Practices Survey in Northeast Ohio. Your participation in this survey is very important to the overall results of the survey. Your participation in the survey will be kept strictly confidential. Survey results will be compiled in a comprehensive manner by ERC's Research Team and as a participant in this survey, you will receive a free copy of the results.

If you have any questions pertaining to the survey, please contact ERC at 440-684-9700.

Time to complete: about 20 minutes
Deadline: Friday, April 24th
Demographic Information
Participant Information

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Employee size in Northeast Ohio
Annual Sales
Average age of employees
Type of business
1. In five words or less, what is the biggest challenge your company faces today?

2. Which position, if any, is the most critical to your company's success?

3. Does your company have a 401(k) or 403(b) plan for employees?

4. If yes, does your company match contributions?

5. What is the match? (e.g. ____ % up to ____%)

6. Has your company's 401(k) contribution changed since 2008?

Medical Insurance
7. Average percent of health insurance premium paid by employees:

8. What was the most recent percent increase in health insurance premium for your company?

9. Does your company offer Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)?

10. Does your company offer Health Savings Plans (HSA)?

11. Has your company made any significant changes to the healthcare benefits plans being offered to your employees as a direct result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?

Misc Benefits
12. Does your company offer any of the following flexible work options to your employees?

Compressed work weeks
Part-time options
13. Does your company provide any type of childcare assistance (referrals, on-site care, etc.) and/or elder care?

14. Does your company offer insurance for retirees?

Time Off
15. How many paid holidays are given to full-time employees each year?

16. Does your company have a Paid-Time-Off "bank" (instead of separation of vacation days, personal days, etc.)?

17. Does your company allow employees to buy and sell additional vacation or PTO days?

18. What is the average percent base increase projected for hourly workers in 2015? (i.e. 3.5%)

19. What is the average percent base increase projected for salaried workers in 2015? (i.e. 3.5%)

20. How often does your company provide cash bonuses to employees in each of the following groups? (Please check all that apply)

21. What is the average bonus (in dollars)?

22. Does your company provide ownership opportunities for non-management employees (i.e. stock options, phantom stock, etc.)?

23. What is the minimum hourly rate paid to employees? (e.g. $8.75)

Recruiting & Hiring
Online Presence
24. Does your company routinely use Internet job boards to find candidates for your open positions?

25. Does your company's website have an Online Career Center?

26. Does your company use social networking tools (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to find candidates for open positions?

Reference Checking
27. Does your company utilize pre-employment drug screening?

28. Does your company perform reference checks prior to hiring?

29. Does your company utilize any type of psychological assessments (including personality profiles, skills tests, cognitive tests, etc.) during the selection phase of your recruiting process?

30. What percentage of your workforce is temporary?

31. Are salaried exempt employees at your company required to keep track of hours they work?

32. What percentage of your workforce are contingent workers (e.g. Part-Time, Job-Sharing, Telecommuting, Seasonal)?

33. What percentage of employees have been promoted over the past two years?

34. Does your campany have any succession plans in place for your top managers?

35. Does your company provide long-term service awards to employees?

36. What percent of employees left your company voluntarily in 2014 (i.e. voluntary turnover)?

37. Has your company engaged in either of the following practices in the last two years?

38. Has an employee sued your company in the past two years?

39. Does your company anticipate any layoffs for 2015?

40. Has there been any incident of violence in your workplace in the past two years?

41. Has there been any incident of bullying in your workplace in the past year?

42. How often does your company meet with employees to review financial information, state of the company, or company policies?

43. Does your company have and distribute job descriptions to employees for their positions?

44. Does each employee in your company receive an employee handbook?

45. Which of the following methods does your company use to communicate with employees?

Bulletin boards
In-house publications (i.e. newsletters, magazines)
Organization's website and/or intranet
Pay envelope inserts
Staff/departmental meetings
"Town Hall" meetings
Voice mail
Social media
46. Which of the following methods does your company use to communicate with clients, customers and vendors?

Email newsletters
External company-branded publications
Social media
Meet 'n Greets (bringing groups of clients in for open houses/informational meetings)
Videos -- either online or DVDs sent to clients
Website or client/vendor-dedicated microsite
Articles (whitepapers, case studies, thought leadership pieces)
Company-related books
47. Does your company have a strategic plan?

Training & Development
48. Does your company utilize web-based training (i.e. webinars, e-learning, etc.) as a part of your overall employee training and education programs?

49. Does your company provide financial assistance to employees to upgrade their skills (e.g. tuition assistance, job-related training)?

50. Does your company have a mentorship program for new or existing employees?

51. Does your company have a career development program or initiative for employees?

52. What percentage of your company's HR budget is defined for tuition assistance, job-related training, etc.?

53. What percentage of payroll is defined for training and development?

54. On average, how many hours of training does a new-hire receive in his/her first 90 days of employment at your company?

55. Does your company have a written safety program and procedures?

56. Does your company pay for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (e.g. work boots, safety goggles)?

57. Is your company in a group-rated workers' compensation program?

58. Does your company require drug testing for employees after an accident?

59. Does your company have a disaster recovery plan?

60. Does your company have a policy explicitly prohibiting firearms and/or other weapons from the workplace?

61. Does your company have a written diversity plan (i.e. recruiting initiatives, hiring processes, management training, etc)?

62. Does your company randomly test for substance abuse?

63. Does your company utilize a time clock system?

64. Does your company utilize any type of human resources information system (HRIS)?

65. Does your company employ any type of formal quality improvement process?

66. Has your company received any awards for community involvement in the past two years?

67. Does your company outsource payroll?

68. Does your company have Employers Practice Liability Insurance?

69. Does your company's website promote living and working in Northeast Ohio?

70. In what other ways does your company promote living & working in Northeast Ohio?

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